Helpful Tips

For sensitive skin during chemotherapy treatments: 

  • Aquaphor Healing Ointment- it works great for very dry, chapped, and irritated skin. It is also free do fragrances, dyes and preservatives which is gentle on sensitive skin.
  • Use fragrance free soap whichever you prefer, you can get them at your local drug store. Ex: Dove, Aveeno
  • Use fragrance free laundry detergent- Tide Free, Any Baby Detergent that’s free of fragrance and chemicals
  • Antibacterial- Wet Ones towelettes sensitive skin and fragrance free
  • Lip Balm- Aquaphor healing ointment
  • Avoid long hot showers
  • Always wear sun screen when outdoors

For Nausea:

  • Notify your doctor so he/she can prescribe an anti-nausea medication
  • Eat small frequent meals
  • Eat slow
  • Avoid fried, spicy foods
  • Try toast and crackers
  • Stay hydrated

Notify your doctor if you have Anticipatory Nausea  which means expecting to get sick

Once treatment is started patients may develop anticipatory nausea. This can be anything that reminds you of getting treatment (For ex: the route to the hospital, the hospital or clinic itself, certain smells)

Try to distract yourself, keep yourself busy with something else other than your treatments. For example try crafts, play your favorite sports, go out with friends, read, go for a walk or watch movies may be some ways to get your mind off of things.